The company

Ductio LED GmbH &Co. KG is a German company lead by engineers with its own technical department and its own quality management for the development of high-quality LED illuminants and lamps.

For the LED production Ductio uses its close ties with selected OEM manufacturers and suppliers that were established over the last decade. Thanks to these strong relationships and our technical know-how we are able to produce LED products that combine the highest quality with an excellent value-for-money ratio.

With its portfolio of products Ductio LED GmbH & Co. KG proves to its customers that LED lighting is not a costly luxury but the better, more sustainable and affordable solution for lighting. This is our aspiration and the claim that we are living up to.

We do not only manufacture LED products but also execute complex lighting projects. This way have become a one-stop shops for customers – from assessment of demand to light calculation to the planning of new constructions or retrofits to turnkey ready constructions or conversions of lighting equipment.

From our modularly constructed catalogue of services customers can choose freely – either only the illuminants and lamps or a complete, turnkey ready executed lighting project.

Approach us in person, in writing or phone us. We’d love to submit an individually customised offer to you.

Ductio LED....more light.